Sports Medicine

Biomechanical evaluations, Concussion Rehabilitation & sports medicine.

If you are an active individual (who isn’t in Alaska!), you have probably come across some sort of pain in your life. Some pains and aches come and go but if you are having persistent pain that does not ease up or that worsens during physical activity, let one of our therapists evaluate your condition!

Some common conditions are:

Torn Tendons or Ligaments: Some of these require surgery, although, it is not always needed. These injuries may be caused by tearing muscles and not allowing proper time to stretch and warm-up. Remember to always get a second opinion on your injuries because, as we said, SURGERY IS NOT ALWAYS NEEDED. Physical therapy for these conditions involves a variety of different pain methods, coordination and strength exercises as well as different strengthening routines.

Tendinitis: Tendinitis is a very common condition for active individuals. Tendinitis is irritation or inflammation of the tendons in your body. Tendinitis can often become more painful when the area is inflamed. Physical therapy can help reduce pain and strengthen muscles around the damaged tendon to help avoid tendinitis in the future.

Fractures: A fracture can be a thin line or a complete broken bone. At times this may require surgery, and other times the area may just need to be immobilized and then strengthened with physical therapy. For example, physical therapy is a good way to help restore flexibility and strength in the occurrence of a hairline fracture.

Arthritis: If you are involved in a sport that deals with repetitive motion, you may cause arthritis in that joint. Physical therapy can help treat arthritis and help reduce the symptoms such as inflammation and pain, along with increased mobility and improving the overall physical function of your body.

Low Back Pain: Low back pain can be a dull, consistent pain or sharp sudden aches. If you have back pain that lasts longer than 4 weeks, we suggest you call our clinic and receive a physical therapy evaluation. It is best to begin a care plan before the condition becomes something more intense, that may require surgery.


Denali Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine is tailored to exceed the demands of Alaska’s athletes, from high school athletes to the CrossFit warriors. Our sports-specific programs were created to help athletes exceed their performance with the following services:

  • Sports Rehabilitation
  • Injury Prevention
  • Gait Analysis
  • Sports Specific Injury evaluations
  • Biomechanical evaluations
  • Pre-Season Workshops
  • Concussion Rehabilitation

These sports medicine programs assist athletes to restore function, prevent injuries, increase strength, decrease pain, and optimize performance. Our specialized therapists work with athletes of all sports and skill levels. If you are interested in making an appointment for Denali Sports Medicine, please contact us!