Dance Medicine & Physical Therapy



Dance rehabilitation services, dance medicine & physical therapy.DANCE MEDICINE & PHYSICAL THERAPY

Denali Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine offers customized dance rehabilitation services that are specific to each dancers needs and style. As a dancer, you demand a lot of your body. Denali Physical Therapy is here to help you make sure you are at your best.

Our services include

  • Dance Rehabilitation
  • Injury Prevention
  • Movement Analysis
  • Massage Therapy
  • Dry Needling

Our dance rehabilitation typically begins with a comprehensive biomechanical analysis of your body and movement to determine the cause of your injury/ pain. We will analyze your overall performance, conditioning and X to begin a treatment plan to heal the weak or injured body part.


Our therapist, Amanda Atwood has extensive experience with dance. She has been a dancer for 23 years and specializes in ballet, tap, lyrical modern and jazz. Amanda also coached the NAU Dance team from 2008 to 2010.



Hip Pain: You hip pain may be caused by one of the following hip conditions: snapping hip pain, labral tears, hip bursitis, hip tendonitis, and hip impingement.

Ankle Pain: Your ankle pain may be caused from ankle instability or an ankle sprain you have experienced.

Stress Fractures: Your joint pain may be caused by a stress fracture. Stress fractures may occur at the metatarsals, tibia, sesamoids and lumbar spine.


Interesting Facts About Dance

4 out of 5 dancers experience injuries due to overuse in their dancing career!

  • Overuse injuries comprise 75% of all injuries to amateur dancers
  • 57% of injuries in professional ballet dancers are overuse injuries
  • 75% to 91% of all ballet injuries affect the lower extremity.
  • 39% to 53% of all ballet injuries affect the lower extremity.
  • Lumbrosacral pain, or pain of the lower back, affects 62% of dancers
  • 29% of dancers have patellofemoral pain syndrome
  • 91% of dancers report a snapping hip, and 58% of those dancers have pain from it.



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